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Webinar: The Fundamentals of AWS Cost Optimisation 


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In this 30-minute interactive webinar, Danny Quilton and Cyril Deblois offer key insights into AWS cost optimisation tools and best practices, and how to go beyond native AWS tools to create a robust cost optimisation strategy.

danny-quilton Danny Quilton, CTO, Capacitas

Cyril DebloisCyril Deblois, Cost Optimization BDM, Amazon Web Services

The session includes:

  • An overview of the AWS Cost Optimization approach
  • Going beyond tools – key components of a cost optimisation strategy
  • Practical solutions to overcoming cost optimisation challenges in your organisation
  • A diagnostic to self-assess your own cloud optimisation maturity
  • A live Q&A

This webinar will help you identify opportunities for significant savings through architectural and application efficiency – going beyond rightsizing and pricing models. And giving you peace of mind by ensuring performance a while reducing cost.

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