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DevSecOps: Realising the benefits across People, Processes, and Tooling

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Businesses face increasing pressure to deliver software applications faster, more securely, and at lower cost. DevSecOps represents a fundamental shift in how organisations approach software development and deployment to meet these challenges. Adopting it enables businesses to deliver software more rapidly, detect and fix security issues early, and enhance overall application quality.

But visualising these benefits can be tricky, and if a piecemeal approach to DevSecOps is taken, the benefits may not be felt across the organisation.

We’ll look at how Capacitas and Dynatrace are working together to help clients adopt a coherent and consistent DevSecOps strategy for improving speed, cost and quality. By focusing on the three pillars - People, Processes, and Tooling, businesses can learn to build confidence in delivering and measuring the benefits of adopting a DevSecOps culture.

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