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Prepare for Peak

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Peak trading periods should be times of opportunity for all online businesses (not just retail ecommerce), but too often they are the source of unexpected site outages, customer frustration and unrealised revenue.

Presented by Capacitas, the leaders in capacity and performance management, this webinar series will explore the many factors involved in preparing apps and websites for surges in visitors and transactions.

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How Arcadia and easyJet scale their sites to cope with massive peaks of traffic

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Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar to find out how the most successful enterprise eCommerce businesses like Arcadia and easyJet manage their peaks of traffic.

This webinar is the first in a series looking at how all types of businesses trading online can ensure their sites and back-end systems perform well no matter when or how big their spikes of traffic are.

Speaker: Danny Quilton, Co-Founder, Capacitas

Setting your targets for success

15th August 2017 - 14:00 GMT

Setting targets for Peak Trade in a common language that represents the goals of IT and the business can be difficult.

Anyone can set Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) but making them meaningful and measurable requires performance knowledge and business insight. If done correctly you can remove ambiguity and set targets for success. This webinar will discuss how we helped Arcadia and easyJet set their targets for peak trade across the 7 pillars of performance.

Speaker: Manzoor Mohammed & Jason Cross, Capacitas

Production Load Testing

TBC - 10:00am GMT

Watch this 45-minute on-demand webinar to find out how to test your enterprise eCommerce system in production. This webinar will discuss;

  • Performance testing in production
  • Why prodctuion?
  • How to automate your tests 
  • Scaling your tests and environments  in a cost effective way (up to 500,000 users)

Speaker: Tom Jagot-Jarvis, Capacitas

How Arcadia ensured peak trade for Black Friday

22nd February 2018 - 15:00 GMT

Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar to find out how one of the most successful enterprise eCommerce businesses Arcadia manage their peaks of traffic.

This webinar is presented by Alex Pease from Arcadia and will discuss how they plan for Black Friday covering;

  • Performance testing, what did we do?
  • Iterative Cycles
  • Defensive measures
  • War gaming
  • Likely scenarios of Failure
  • Preparing operational tests to drive the load test
  • Traditional vs Cloud Platforms

Speaker: Alex Pease, Arcadia & Manzoor Mohammed, Capacitas

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coming soon

Eliminating risk from third-party systems

25th March 2018 - 14:00 GMT

Details coming soon.

Speaker: Thomas Barns, Capacitas


Details coming soon.

Speaker: TBC, Capacitas

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