4 October 2017 | By Jason Cross

Using Auto Scaling to Control Cloud Cost

AWS Auto Scaling is a great tool for controlling cloud cost. Here are three steps to using it effectively:

  1. Understand and forecast your demand..
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27 September 2017 | By Nick Stevens

Capacitas is sponsoring Velocity Europe, get your 30% discount here!

As previously blogged about, (Capacitas to speak on Agile Performance at Velocity), Thomas Barns of Capacitas is presenting at Velocity Conference in..

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25 September 2017 | By Neil McMenemy

5 Ways to Ensure Cloud Cost Control

Cloud based IT services are increasing in popularity due to flexibility in capacity delivery and the reduction in capital expenditure.

However a..

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1 September 2017 | By Tom Jagot-Jarvis

How to Cloud Load Test to 500,000 users


This blog explores how to load test to very large user volumes through: 

  1. Automation of Load Injection
  2. Test Automation
  3. Automation of Test Analysis
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14 August 2017 | By Thomas Ballard

What is Performance Testing?


What is Performance Testing? 

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9 August 2017 | By Danny Quilton

What is Capacity Management?

What is Capacity Management?

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4 August 2017 | By Frank Warren

Exposing data centre migration risks with risk modelling

Boiling the Ocean - exposing data centre migration risks with risk modelling


In 2016 a global retail company embarked on a massive..

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28 July 2017 | By Vasilis Chatzinasios

Website optimisation - measuring the user experience

Website speed has a major impact on everything from search engine rankings and user experience to revenue and conversion rate. This was it was..

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14 July 2017 | By Andy Bolton

Capacitas at the J P Morgan Challenge

2017 J P Morgan Challenge

I had a great time on Thursday evening with our staff at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Race, our fourth year at the..

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6 July 2017 | By Nick Stevens

Capacitas & Arcadia speaking on Agile Performance at Velocity, London

 The Topic:

Continuous Performance Engineering? Moving fast without breaking things

By combining John Pillar's profound experience as a Retail..

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29 June 2017 | By Nick Stevens

Top operational pathologies for performance monitoring

 Introduction: Threshold alerting has limited value

Threshold alerts are by far the most common way of detecting operational issues. Your page load..

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16 June 2017 | By Nick Stevens

Measuring the financial cost of a 1-second website slowdown



Here at Capacitas we are extremely interested in how performance affects the bottom line of our clients. After all, if tuning your..

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